Practical Information

From the airport to Heraklion City Center

Using a bus

The bus station as can be seen in the airport map below is in the main street in fron of the airport. Any bus, apart from bus No 5 is ok. The bus stop in the city center where you should get of is "Eleftherias" square. The hotel "Astoria" is directly in front of the bus stop. For the "Atrion" hotel you should turn left and follow the pedestrian street "Daidalou", until you reach the "Lions Square". You tutn right and after a few meters on your left there is the "Theotokopoulos Park", you follow the street on the left side of the park called "Minotaurou" and you will see Atrion hotel after 200m on your right ( the green line in the city map below shows the walking routes from the bus stops to the Atrion hotel, both take around 10min).The bus ticket from the airport to the city center is a zone 1 ticket (orange) and costs 1.10 euros, the ride should be less than 10min.

Using a taxi

The taxi station is directly in front of the airport and the taxi ride costs around 10 euros

airport downtown

From Heraklion to University Campus

Using a bus

Busses going to the Voutes Campus of the University pass in front of Astoria Hotel at Eleftherias square ( Bus stop no 1 on the map above) and from the Idis bus stop. You can either take bus no 8 or no 11. Bus no 11 is more frequent ( every 15 min until 18.00 and every 20min after). In every bus stop ( except the one in the campus) there is a screen indicating the time until a bus arrives. It takes around 20min from Eleftherias Square to reach the University. The bus ticket is a zone 2 ticket (blue) and costs 1.50 euros.

Using a taxi

There are two main taxi stations downtown Heraklion which are indicated in the downtown map above. The taxi fare to the campus is around 10 euros. You can also call for a taxi ( +30 2810 210102 ) but you are charged extra for the summon.


From University Campus to Heraklion

Using a bus

Busses going from Campus to City Center pass in front of the University in the bus stop that can be seen on the map above. You can either take bus no 1 ( with final stop the airport) or bus no 20 ( with final stop the port). Both pass through the city center and you can either stop at "Kornarou bus stop" or at Eleftherias square. The bus ticket, as mentioned before, is a zone 2 ticket (blue) and costs 1.50 euros. It is more practical to buy two ticket when you are downtown.

Meeting Venue

The meeting venue is located in the 3rd floor in the Physics Building. Detailed maps of all levels of the Physics Building are available in the following PDF file. The venue is indicated as "3rd floor seminar room" in the floor maps. Also, the poster area is directly in front of the seminar room.

An interactive map can be found here

Coffee, Lunch and Dinner

Please see the program for coffee breaks. Beverages, coffee, tea, sandwiches and snacks can be bought at the Physics cafeteria at level 0. Lunch at discount prices (3 to 5 euros depending on choice of meal can be found at the dinning hall (see map above).

The conference dinner will be served at Erganos traditional restaurant. Following the mediterranean tradition, there will be some common dishes (about 10 per four persons) in the middle of the table from which you can fill your plate. House wine and bottled water are free, please ask for more if you need.

Please let us know in advance if you have any special requests regarding food.

The map below shows walking directions from Atrion hotel to Erganos through city center.

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